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Poznaj historię zastosowań druku 3D

3D printed prototype for building an assembly station

Nexteer had to create an assembly station based on the 3D model provided by a customer. It was a model of a large cast with complex geometry.

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Transport positioners for a production line intended for servicing packagings

The conveyor line for bottle triggers required dedicated stands in order to position elements precisely. Due to their complicated geometry, making stands with a CNC machine was complicated, expensive, and the delivery time could take several weeks.

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3D Printed protective housings for transportation of cable connectors

The production of some wiring bundles was hindered by the occurrence of certain types of connectors, which were quite delicate and frequently destroyed during transport. A solution that would protect them from damage was needed.

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3D printed format part for turning bottle stoppers on a production line

Our customer needed a format part that would turn perfume bottle stoppers 90 degrees before the process of closing perfume bottles. Initially, the part was to be welded from sheet metal, but manufacturing it in this way proved to be expensive, complicated, low precision and time-consuming.

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A tool supporting the process of car body painting

The car body manufactured by our customer is painted in two colors. The problem was the repeatable delineation of the cut-off line between these colors. Previously, magnetic foil templates were used for this purpose, but this solution did not fulfill its role. It was not repeatable enough and a lot depended on the operator’s precision.

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