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Enclosure manufacturing

We help companies create new devices by supplying high-quality plastic enclosures. We ensure a fast process and no initial costs with modern incremental technologies.

  • Cost-effective alternative to injection moulding
  • Comprehensive support from 3D production engineers

3D printing - enclosure manufacturing

What is the ordering and manufacturing process for an enclosure?



We discuss the concept and requirements of the project and the estimated order volumes.


Quotation and project schedule

We prepare a quotation and a detailed collaboration and delivery schedule.


Design and prototyping

We prepare prototypes and refine them based on your guidelines in successive upgrades. This stage lasts from a week to a month.


Just-in-time production

The final version of the project goes to print. Orders arrive at your chosen dates and in the quantities you need.


Continuous project improvement

With 3D printing technology, you can continuously improve your design based on user feedback at no extra cost.

Advantages of working with Cubic Inch

Why Choose 3D Printing?

Zero initial costs – you only pay for the parts you order

Significantly reduced implementation time (up to 3 days from project approval)

No need to store parts (orders from 1 pc.)

Possibility of continuous project modifications

The range of finish options

Enclosure finish matching the product type

Sanding with graphite

Sanding without graphite

Vapor fusing



When Is 3D Printing Cost-Effective?

HP Multi Jet Fusion devices offer comparable part quality to injection molding, so the deciding factor remains the cost, which depends on the geometry, size, and ordered volume of the components. Geometric complexity of the project significantly favors 3D printing in this regard, while larger part sizes lean towards injection molding. 

Here are the key advantages of 3D printing over injection molding:

  • No Initial Costs: 3D printing eliminates the need for costly molds.
  • Rapid Turnaround: It offers fast production turnaround times.
  • Greater Geometric Flexibility: 3D printing excels at handling complex designs.
  • Design Flexibility Between Batches: You can make project changes between production runs.
druk 3d kontra produkcja metodą wtryskową

Our projects

The enclosures for these devices were created using our 3D printers

Zobacz efekty naszej pracy! Wyprodukowaliśmy setki obudów do elektroniki dla naszych klientów.

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Our experts address the most common inquiries about additive manufacturing for electronic casing production.

What is the minimum number of enclosures I can order from you?
We do not have a minimum order quantity. We only have a minimum order cost, and it is EUR 40 net.
I am interested in making an enclosure for electronics. What should I do to get a quote?
You are welcome to make an appointment to speak to our engineer who will gather key information for your project. You will receive a quote and an estimate within 24 hours of the call.
Can I order enclosures in any colour?
Yes, we can paint the enclosures in any RAL colour, but this extends the order processing time.
I need enclosures for a device, but I do not even have a 3D design. How long does the entire process of creating enclosures take?
Preparation of the project usually takes from a week to a month, depending on the degree of complexity. Once the project has been approved, the enclosures are delivered to you in up to 3 days.

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