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3D Printing for Factories

We optimize supply chains, streamline production, and shorten delivery times for spare parts. Our experienced 3D printing engineers provide comprehensive support in implementing this technology.

  • Expert guidance in 3D printing
  • Virtual Spare Parts Warehouse
  • 3-day order fulfilment

Additive technologies - the use of 3D printing in factories

Supporting modern factories with 3D printing

On-demand availability of spare parts

We establish a virtual warehouse of spare parts for factories, accompanied by comprehensive technical documentation. Orders are processed in a just-in-time manner, with a turnaround time of three working days.

Significant cost reduction for spare parts, up to 60%

Through careful evaluation, we identify parts that can be produced cost-effectively using 3D printing technology, resulting in potential cost savings of up to 60%.

Customized part design

Our team of experienced engineers leverages 3D printing to design dedicated parts, optimizing processes and reducing factory expenses. Our designed tools, grippers, and machine parts are utilized by factories nationwide.

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3D Applications Gallery

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Step-by-step cooperation


Meeting at the client's premises

During the factory visit, we learn about the processes and challenges, so that we can jointly develop a plan focused on achieving maximum benefits and solving specific problems.


CAD design

We prepare the technical documentation of the parts needed or design them from scratch. Once the designs have been approved, we send out prototypes and, upon approval, create a virtual library of parts with prices and a history of changes.


Just-in-time delivery of parts

We deliver parts or tools in the quantities that are needed. We can do this based on a predetermined schedule or individual orders.


Ongoing optimization

Our team is always available to the customer, providing technical support at every stage. We meet regularly with customers to discuss potential modifications and explore new applications for 3D printing technology.


We cooperate with leading factories in Poland

Case studies

Implementations at our clients' premises

Find out more about the details of the cooperation and the benefits that our service provides to factories in various industries.

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About us

Why Choose Cubic Inch?

Extensive Factory Collaboration

For 9 years, we have been supplying spare parts to 63 factories across Poland, providing invaluable support to maintenance departments and offering effective solutions to their challenges.

Advanced HP Multi Jet Fusion Machinery

With three state-of-the-art HP Multi Jet Fusion production machines, we ensure ample production capacity to deliver your parts with exceptional speed and efficiency, even on tight deadlines.

Comprehensive Technical Support

Serving over 300 companies annually, our extensive experience allows us to help customers unlock the full potential of 3D technology. We continuously seek new applications and opportunities to reduce costs and optimize processes.

Streamlined Process Approach

Benefit from our quick start and seamless collaboration, built upon years of experience working with production plants throughout Poland.


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Our experts address commonly asked questions regarding the utilization of additive technologies in factories.

What are the most common parts printed in factories?
Most often, we print format parts, i.e., those that come into contact with the product.
Do our parts have certification for contact with food?
Unfortunately not, but we have many applications where such a certificate is not required.
Are 3D printed parts strong enough?
HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology allows us to produce durable parts which are perfect for production processes, as evidenced by our long-term cooperation with such companies.
Can I be sure of the dimensional accuracy of the printed parts?
We guarantee dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.3 mm for <100 mm and +/- 0.3% of the nominal dimensions for <100 mm. If higher levels of accuracy are required, we approach the matter individually and have proven methods to meet the requirements of the project.

Practical Insights into Additive Manufacturing

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