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Our experts provide answers to the most common inquiries concerning the additive manufacturing of electronic casings.

I have a vision of my product in my mind. What do I need to start cooperation with Cubic Inch?
We do not set a lower limit, but we point out that the more information we receive, the sooner we will be able to convert your vision into a ready-made design, and then into physical parts. All kinds of drawings and other details will be helpful – for example, in the form of a presentation.
How is 3D printing better than injection moulding and machining technology?
The key advantages of 3D printing include, among others, zero initial cost and the possibility of the cost-effective creation of parts from a minimum of one item. Other advantages include unconstrained possibility of iterative design and production, the possibility of creating geometry at will, as well as a quick lead time for orders.
I want to introduce 3D printing in my company. Where to start?
For those familiar with the technology, we suggest meeting online or at the client’s premises to discuss potential applications of 3D printing. After such a consultation, we can present the potential financial and procedural benefits, as well as the implementation process.

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