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Formatting part for rotating corks on the production line for Avon

As 3D printing specialists, we are well aware of the potential benefits that this technology can bring to production. However, there are situations when even we are amazed at the significant difference this solution can make. The project for Avon’s factory is precisely such a case.

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FMCG factory


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2 weeks

Avon is one of the global leaders in the production and distribution of cosmetics. The company, originating from the USA, operates in over 100 countries worldwide.
Mój główny problem jest taki, że mam za dużo pomysłów. Cubic Inch wybiera najlepsze z nich, testuje i wdraża je na liniach produkcyjnych Unilogo. W dodatku zazwyczaj płacę za mniej niż się spodziewałem. Druk 3D i technologia HP Multi Jet Fusion to magia w formie najczystszej.

Tomasz Pałka

Production Head, XO Boats

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Avon’s Polish factory needed a formatting part whose task was to rotate perfume corks by 90 degrees before the final tightening. The element had to be relatively large and very complex geometrically.

Initially, the part was supposed to be welded from sheet metal, but due to its shape, producing it in this way would have been associated with a very high cost and lead time far exceeding the client’s requirements.


We took responsibility for the entire process, from design to the production of parts perfectly tailored to the client’s needs using HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.

Thanks to the design possibilities offered by 3D printing, we were able to incorporate channels for compressed air in the part, which pushed the corks. Additionally, we wrapped the element with Teflon tape to reduce friction. We also conducted tests and ensured that the final versions of the parts were perfectly tailored to the client’s requirements.

Benefits for the Customer

Significantly faster project completion provided great value to the client, but thanks to 3D printing technology, the part could become even more perfect than originally planned.
Shortening the process by several months

Thanks to the use of MJF technology, the entire process, from design to part delivery, took only 2 weeks.

Increased process safety through part improvement

3D printing allowed the introduction of air channels and the use of tape to reduce friction, significantly improving and increasing the safety of the production line.

Cost reduction

The possibility of earlier implementation and lower part costs meant huge savings for the client.

Przyspieszenie procesu produkcji

Szybkie dostawy w czasie 3-5 dni roboczych zmniejszyły przestoje w produkcji i pozwoliły na sprawniejszą realizację zamówień.

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