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Short-run production 4.0

We deliver parts to companies quickly and without any upfront costs. Our goal is to help you cut time-to-market and enhance production processes.
  • Short-run production
  • Prototyping and specialised production
  • HP Multi Jet Fusion technology
We provide comprehensive support for companies new to 3D printing technology. Our experts assist in identifying the specific process and cost advantages that your company can gain from our services.
Over 500 companies have trusted us.

Simple and fast implementation

We ensure full transparency of the process and no initial costs.

Immediate implementation

We quickly deliver orders and take care to create efficient contact with the client.

Industrial strength

The strength of the printed elements is comparable with injection moulding.

Involvement in your business

We make sure that our service provides maximum benefits to clients in terms of costs and process optimisation.

Our services

From prototyping to production

Contract manufacturing

We follow a just-in-time delivery model, ensuring that parts are delivered to companies without the need to maintain stock or tie up funds.

  • support of 3D engineers and designers
  • cost reduction and virtual warehouse
  • full design freedom
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Printing technology

HP Multi Jet Fusion

  • An excellent alternative to injection moulding technology
  • Aesthetics and quality enabling the creation of finished products
  • Possibility to print up to 2000 parts per day

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