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Coffee Machine Filter Cleaning Device for QuinSpin

Throughout history, inventors have devised ingenious device concepts that couldn’t be realized in their eras. QuinSpin might have faced a similar scenario if not for modern 3D printing.

About project






up to 20 sets in a batch

Lead time

1, 5 year (whole designing proccess)

QuinSpin is a startup founded by Arkadiusz Biały, a coffee enthusiast and professional barista. Arkadiusz aimed to tackle the age-old challenge of inconvenient and time-consuming cleaning of coffee machine filters.
Without 3D printing, QuinSpin imply wouldn’t have come into existence. No other technology would have allowed me to develop this project within my budget.

Arek Biały

Founder of QuinSpin

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The device had to significantly streamline and enhance the previously laborious process of cleaning coffee machine filters. However, Arkadiusz needed a team to translate his concept and hand-drawn sketches into a functional prototype and eventually a market-ready product.


After testing samples, Arkadiusz decided to use HP Multi Jet Fusion technology for producing the final product. Hence, each prototype had to match the visual and structural characteristics of the final version. An iterative design process commenced, with each prototype embodying all features of the completed device.

The journey to the final product took about 1.5 years, during which six iterations of the device were developed. Meanwhile, the devices were tested in cafes, enabling marketing and sales efforts. Following the official launch, Arkadiusz transitioned to just-in-time orders based on the current demand.

Benefits for the Customer

Our team’s support and the application of HP MJF technology empowered Arkadiusz to bring his idea to fruition and introduce it to the market without requiring substantial financial investment, as would have been the case with other technologies.

Moreover, even though QuinSpin is now widely utilized in cafes and restaurants, its refinement process isn’t complete. Based on customer feedback, continuous improvements are introduced at no extra cost.
Low investment outlay

An alternative to creating the QuinSpin device was injection molding, which would have necessitated an investment of up to 200,000 PLN for the mold.

Comprehensive project execution under one roof

Over the two-year collaboration, we assisted in creating the device's design, prototype series, and ultimately manufacturing the devices.

Continuous product enhancement

Thanks to production flexibility in additive technology, the design can be continually improved without incurring extra costs.

Product personalization

Due to production flexibility, each device can have different dimensions, thus better suiting the end customer's needs.

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