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We help companies to implement innovative hardware products faster and more economically

Our mission is to empower companies in expediting the implementation of innovative hardware products with greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We hold the belief that acquiring plastic parts should be as convenient and swift as ordering pizza, while the process of implementing new products can be significantly more cost and time-effective. Aligned with this conviction, we offer extensive assistance to startups and large-scale factories, aiding them in the development of innovative devices and streamlining their supply chain operations.

9 years

on market (since 2014)

30 000

parts produced in a month


customers servicing in a year


outstanding team members

Our Company Values:


Empowering employees

We firmly believe that employee happiness directly translates into satisfied customers. By nurturing positive relationships and fostering a supportive work environment, we have established a thriving organisation that customers genuinely enjoy collaborating with.


Transparency and Trusted Partnerships

Transparency is the cornerstone of our approach. We prioritise open and honest communication, building trust-based partnerships with our customers. We strive to ensure that our services deliver tangible benefits, and if any mistakes occur, we address them openly, taking swift corrective actions to maintain the trust and confidence our customers place in us.


Continuous Process Improvement

We embrace a process-oriented mindset and are committed to the ongoing improvement of every element of our service. From leveraging the latest technologies to cultivating strong customer relationships, we actively seek feedback and insights to drive innovation and enhance the value we provide to our customers.

We are passionate about 3D printing, mountains and the ocean

The story of Cubic Inch starts with two lifelong friends, Filip and Maciek, whose paths first crossed at the age of 7 in a ski club. From that moment, they became inseparable, spending every winter conquering the slopes and summers riding the waves. As fate would have it, their shared journey extended to their academic pursuits at the Faculty of Mechatronics at the esteemed Warsaw University of Technology. It was here that they encountered their first glimpse of the revolutionary 3D printers, igniting a spark that would shape their entrepreneurial future.

In 2014, driven by their unwavering passion for both sports and innovation, they boldly founded Cubic Inch, fusing their expertise to bring their collective vision to life.

They created the company inspired by a sports club; it is a well-coordinated organisation to which people want to belong.

Filip Matejak

Co-Owner & CTO

Maciej Stefańczyk

Co Owner & CSO

Meet our Team!

Opiekun Klienta, Cubic Inch​ - druk 3d

Magda Pietrasińska

Client Happiness Manager

Grzesiek Klaude

Project Manager

Łukasz Ciskowski

Production Manager

Michał Figat

CAD Designer

Agata Badowska

Office Manager

Cyprian Beczek

Machine Operator

Oskar Kawka

Machine operator

Daniel Ornoch

Machine operator

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