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3D printing in industrial automation

Explore how 3D printing transforms processes, cuts expenses, and fosters inventive solutions in industrial automation.
  • Unleashes the potential of limitless geometrical designs
  • Reducing the production costs of parts up to 60%
  • Parts ready within a mere 3 to 5 day timeframe

Additional technologies in industrial automation

Advantages of 3D Printing

Time and cost reduction in production

The utilization of modern HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D devices enables us to decrease costs and production time compared to traditional machinery or injection molding technology, while still meeting all quality requirements for parts.

Facilitates the use of innovative solutions

Additive technologies empower us to create intricate geometric patterns that are impractical with traditional methods. This opens up opportunities for extensive cost and process optimizations that would otherwise be unattainable.

Optimization of production - robot grippers

3D printing revolutionizes the production of grippers for specific tasks, facilitating the creation of optimal solutions and expediting the automation process within the industry.

3D printing in industrial automation

The implementation process step by step


Meeting at the client's premises

During the visit to the company's headquarters, we learn about the processes and challenges, so that we can jointly develop a plan focused on achieving maximum benefits and solving specific problems.



We create fully functional prototypes and deliver them to your company for testing for durability and dimensional accuracy.


Printing of final parts

After the prototypes have been accepted, we print the parts according to demand and deliver them within 3 days.


Ongoing parts ordering

We ensure an efficient process of ordering parts with the aid of our system and the support of dedicated managers


We help companies from all over Poland

Case studies

Implementations at our clients' premises

Learn how 3D printing supports companies in the industrial automation sector.

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Magdalena Pietrasińska

Sales Enginneer

About us

Why Cubic Inch?

9 years of functional parts production experience

With nearly a decade of experience in producing functional parts for various companies, we possess a deep understanding of the challenges faced by maintenance departments. This allows us to provide solutions tailored precisely to their needs.

State-of-the-art HP Multi Jet Fusion machinery

Our arsenal includes three cutting-edge HP Multi Jet Fusion production machines. We prioritize maintaining available production capacity to fulfill your urgent requirements, ensuring swift and efficient production.

Comprehensive technical support

Our expertise extends to servicing over 300 companies annually. Leveraging this wealth of experience, we assist customers in maximizing the potential of 3D technology. We continuously explore new applications and identify opportunities to reduce costs and optimize processes.

Process-oriented approach

We are committed to delivering an efficient ordering process, timely part delivery, and the unwavering support of dedicated managers.

Knowledge base

Learn more about the use of 3D printing in industrial automation

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Our experts provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding the utilization of additive technologies in industrial automation.

Can I order samples before placing the final order?
Yes, the printing of test samples is a standard element of the Cubic Inch process. Please contact our sales department.
Is it possible to print parts with air ducts?
Yes, but the ducts must be at least 3 mm in diameter in order to remove unfused powder from them.
Are 3D printed parts strong enough?
HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology ensures high durability, which can be confirmed by our customers, to whom we regularly supply, for example, parts for packaging machines. There are, of course, applications in which this technology cannot be applied and, in such situations, our engineers inform the customer.
Can I be sure of the dimensional accuracy of the printed parts?
We guarantee dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.3 mm for <100 mm and +/- 0.3% of the nominal dimensions for <100 mm. If higher levels of accuracy are required, we approach the matter individually and have proven methods to meet the requirements of the project.

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