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Tool for Enhancing Car Body Painting Process

Regular deliveries of standardized parts are among the most critical challenges in maintaining factory operations. The Colgate Palmolive Manufacturing case illustrates the immense assistance that 3D printing can provide in this area.

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Our client is one of the leading manufacturers of passenger cars, whose name we cannot disclose due to an agreement.
Mój główny problem jest taki, że mam za dużo pomysłów. Cubic Inch wybiera najlepsze z nich, testuje i wdraża je na liniach produkcyjnych Unilogo. W dodatku zazwyczaj płacę za mniej niż się spodziewałem. Druk 3D i technologia HP Multi Jet Fusion to magia w formie najczystszej.

Tomasz Pałka

Production Head, XO Boats

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The challenge our client presented to us involved the precise two-color painting of car bodies. Until then, magnetic foil templates were used to mark the cutting lines. However, this solution proved to be cumbersome, time-consuming, and most importantly, prone to significant operator errors. Consequently, this resulted in substantial losses and disruptions in the production process.


Based on a 3D model, we designed a perfectly fitting tool that relied on repetitive body elements. Its purpose was to establish precise cutting lines that would be consistent every time. Additionally, we equipped the tool with magnets to ensure accurate and secure placement, minimizing the risk of operator error.

We manufactured the main components of the tool using industrial HP Multi Jet Fusion printers. Additionally, we incorporated inserts made using SLA technology at points where the tool came into contact with the car body to reduce the likelihood of scratching.

Benefits for the Customer

The tool fulfilled all customer requirements and elegantly resolved previous challenges.
Production Acceleration

Equipped with magnets, the precisely fitting tool significantly sped up the painting and overall production process.

Elimination of Risks and Losses

The tool we designed guaranteed process repeatability, which was previously burdened by a high risk of operator error.

Process Optimization at Low Cost

Utilizing 3D printing technology allowed for substantial process improvements at a fraction of the cost compared to other technologies.

Przyspieszenie procesu produkcji

Szybkie dostawy w czasie 3-5 dni roboczych zmniejszyły przestoje w produkcji i pozwoliły na sprawniejszą realizację zamówień.

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