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Just-in-time contract manufacturing

We deliver parts to companies at the exact time and in the quantity they need. We reduce storage space costs and support in product development.
  • Cubic Inch virtual warehouse
  • Quick part ordering process
  • Full implementation and project support

3D Printing - contract manufacturing

What does cooperation with Cubic Inch look like?


Sending files

You can send part designs in STL or STP format.


3D model optimization

Our team of 3D printing engineers introduces corrections that can improve the durability of your parts and even reduce their cost


Valuation and schedule

You will receive a customized valuation of the parts and a delivery schedule tailored precisely to meet your requirements.


Modifications and new projects

You can enter new projects into the system, on an ongoing basis, and commission us to modify the existing ones.

3D Printing or mould injection?

HP Multi Jet Fusion devices ensure a comparable quality of parts to injection moulding technology, so the price remains the deciding factor, which depends on the geometry of the components, their size, and the volume ordered. The geometric complexity of the design favours 3D printing in this respect, and the large size of parts favours the use of injection moulding technology.

The graph on the right shows the relationship between the number of parts produced and their unit cost in both technologies.

Here are the key advantages of 3D printing over injection moulding technology:

  • No initial costs
  • Fast implementation
  • Greater geometric capabilities
  • Possibility to freely change the design between series
druk 3d kontra produkcja metodą wtryskową

3D print technology

Why Multi Jet Fusion from HP?

Industrial strength

Components created in HP MJF printers are of comparable quality to those from injection moulding technology and work perfectly as spare parts in production, which is confirmed by our long years of cooperation with large factories.

Cost reduction

Using MJF technology, we have helped companies in many industries to reduce costs, including in the automotive, aviation and medical sectors. Lower prices for parts result from both the performance of printers and the fact that they allow the production of shapes that are impossible to obtain using other technologies, which allows us, for example, to avoid the necessity of parts assembly and other optimisations.

Short execution time

HP Jet Fusion printers produce parts at an impressive speed of up to 4,500 cm3 per hour. Our machinery park allows us to produce up to 15 kg of parts (up to approx. 2,000 items) in one day. Thanks to this, we guarantee customers quick delivery of parts even in high volumes.

Who uses the service most often?

We provide this type of companies with regular parts deliveries in accordance with their monthly sales plans. We make just-in-time manufacturing possible and remove the necessity to store and freeze production means.
We enable startups to implement innovative projects faster and more cost-effective. We supply them with housing and other parts according to demand and share the experience in the design process.
We supply factories, primarily with spare parts for production lines, in accordance with strictly defined schedules to ensure full safety for maintenance departments.

Experience of Cubic Inch

We have already printed over 1 million parts

98% of orders are delivered on time

We focus on maximum accuracy in terms of the quality of created parts and timeliness of orders fulfilled.

9 years of experience in 3D printing

We have helped over 500 companies of various sizes and from various industries. We respond to the needs of both large factories, as well as startups and specialised companies.

The most modern technology on the market

We use HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, which guarantees high accuracy and durability of print.

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Magdalena Pietrasińska

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Nasi specjaliści odpowiadają na najczęściej zadawane pytania z zakresu szybkiej produkcji kontraktowej.

What is the difference between contract manufacturing and high-speed short-run manufacturing?
High-speed short-run manufacturing is a single series order, while contract manufacturing is a longer form of cooperation and delivery of, for example, 150 pieces of parts per month.
Can I get better prices per unit with contract manufacturing than with short-run manufacturing?
Yes, because if we know how many parts we have to produce a month in advance, we can plan the production process to make it as profitable as possible.
Can I be sure of the dimensional accuracy of the printed parts?
We guarantee dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.3 mm for <100 mm and +/- 0.3% of the nominal dimension for <100 mm. If higher levels of accuracy are required, we approach the matter individually and have proven methods to meet the requirements of the project.
Do you manufacture parts in the injection moulding technology?
No, we produce parts only in additive manufacturing technology.
Can I change my order schedule after it has been approved?
Yes, unless your parts have already been completely produced.
Can I make changes to the project after the schedule has been approved?
Yes, unless your parts have already been produced. Changes in the project do not entail any additional costs.

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