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Rapid prototyping

We offer companies robust, precise, and fully functional prototypes to streamline the product implementation process.

  • Prototype quality equivalent to finished products
  • Orders fulfilled within 3 days
  • Multiple colour and finish options

3D Printing - rapid prototyping

What does the process of prototype production look like?


Online quote in 5 minutes

You can upload part designs in STL or STP format.


Selection of finishing options

You choose the colour of the prototype and how it is finished.


Printing + postprocessing

After the payment for the order has been made, we proceed to print your prototype.



We carefully check the prototype in accordance with the expected parameters.



The finished prototype arrives at your premises within 3 days of placing the order.

3D printing technology

HP Multi Jet Fusion

Print accuracy

HP’s technology ensures perfect repeatability, surface smoothness and strength comparable with milled or mould-injected parts.

Printing accuracy reaches up to 100 microns (0.1 mm) with small parts, which allows you to print the most precise details of your parts.

Low costs

MJF technology does not require any initial costs for new projects, and, at the same time, allows for the creation of fully functional, high-quality parts, making it an ideal solution for the repeatable prototyping process.

Wide selection of finish options

On the parts printed in the MJF technology, sintered powder layers are usually invisible. The prints have a slightly rough but pleasant-to-touch surface, which can be smoothed if necessary.

Speed of execution

Thanks to the fast operation of HP devices, prototypes will reach you within 3 days of placing the order, which allows you to significantly accelerate the tests and the entire product implementation process.

Technical support

Our team of designers and technologists can fully execute a 3D design, based on your guidelines or provide design support at every stage of product development.

Experience of Cubic Inch

We have already delivered one million parts to customers

98% of orders are delivered on time

We guarantee the quality and repeatability of the created parts and timely delivery to customers.

9 years of experience in 3D printing

We have helped over 500 companies from various industries. Our services prove their value in large factories, startups, and specialist companies alike.

The most modern technology on the market

HP Multi Jet Fusion devices ensure high accuracy and durability of printed prototypes.

Who uses the service most often?

Startups most often use our precisely made prototypes to test and maximally improve designs before ordering an expensive injection mould.
Prototypes printed in the MJF technology allow for precise tests and verification of the design before ordering an injection mould.
Before commissioning products for mass production, production facilities order prototypes of the products to adapt production lines to them.

Our case studies

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Our experts provide answers to the most common inquiries about rapid prototyping in the industrial sector.

What is the lead time for orders?
The standard lead time for orders is five working days. Priority orders take three working days, but then the cost is 30% higher.
Can we print transparent elements?
No, we print parts virtually only in HP MJF technology, and we are not able to print from transparent material.
What file is needed for valuation?
For valuation, we need a 3D model in STP or STL format.
What is the minimum order cost?
The minimum order cost is 150 PLN net.
Can I be sure of the dimensional accuracy of the printed parts?
We guarantee dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.3 mm for <100 mm and +/- 0.3% of the nominal dimension for <100 mm. If higher levels of accuracy are required, we approach the matter individually and have proven methods to meet the requirements of the project.

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