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Enclosures for Brain Activity Monitoring Devices for Cortivision

The story of Cortivision’s Photon Cap device demonstrates how modern 3D printing can accelerate the product development and market introduction process.

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Cortivision is a technological startup specializing in innovative solutions in the field of neuroscience. Cortivision’s flagship product is the Photon Cap, a device used to monitor brain activity. It is used by athletes, scientists, and even astronauts on the International Space Station.

Cubic Inch’s professionalism and commitment to the project enabled us to bring our product to market much earlier. Unlike previous providers, we felt a genuine partnership approach, coupled with a deep understanding of technology and an understanding of our needs.

Wojciech Broniatowski

CEO of Cortivision

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Photon Cap is a device consisting of approximately 200 components, many of which are made of plastic. Prototype versions were internally created by the Cortivision team using 3D printers with FDM and SLA technologies. However, the parts did not meet quality and durability requirements, and the printing process was too time-consuming and cumbersome.

The Cortivision team was in search of a reliable parts supplier with technology that met technical requirements and allowed for the product to be brought to market. The primary goal was to create several initial batches of products and ultimately refine the project before ordering an injection mold.

Before coming to us, the client had tested several other companies, including ones in Poland and the USA. However, the Cortivision team did not choose any of them due to the low quality of parts, long lead times, and even order errors.


Having experience in working with startups and companies creating specialized hardware, we knew that communication and a full understanding of the client’s needs were crucial.

Therefore, we started the collaboration with a meeting where we presented our process and the capabilities of HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, showing how we could solve Cortivision’s problems.

After receiving the designs, we proceeded to print prototype versions, which received high approval from the client. Shortly afterward, we received an order for a batch of 20 units. From that moment, the client could start selling the device.

One of the key requirements for Photon Cap was very high precision in the printed parts, and even with advanced technology like MJF, there were some returns. However, as CTO of Cortivision, Paweł Augustynowicz, mentioned, this didn’t pose a significant obstacle:

“Repeatability in printing was crucial for us, and not all delivered parts met our requirements. However, in every such situation, our communication with the Cubic Inch team worked perfectly. They always sought the best and fastest solution to the problem and process improvement.”

Benefits for the Customer

Thanks to our service and HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, our client was able to quickly introduce their product to the market and ultimately refine the Photon Cap project. Shortly after the launch, steadily increasing sales signaled to the company to order an injection mold.

However, this did not mark the end of our collaboration. Due to the smooth cooperation and low cost, the Cortivision team decided to continue outsourcing some of the smaller device components to us.

In summary, how did our service help Cortivision in the product implementation process?

Low initial investment

No initial costs allowed Cortivision to start selling the device and verify it with the target audience before ordering an injection mold.

Efficient process and fast delivery

We provided Cortivision with lightning-fast part deliveries and equally fast communication in case of any questions or concerns.

Continuous product evolution

The use of MJF technology allowed Cortivision to efficiently and cost-effectively implement changes in subsequent print batches.

Just-in-time production capability

No additional costs and quick realization enabled Cortivision to produce just-in-time – in the right time and quantity as needed.

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