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Manufacturers of equipment and electronics

We help companies implement innovative devices faster and more cost-effectively by supplying plastic parts in a just-in-time model, utilizing additive manufacturing technologies.

  • An excellent alternative to injection moulding
  • We help reduce investment costs
  • Our lead time starts at 3 days.

Utilizing Additive Manufacturing in Device Production

Benefits of 3D Printing

Rapid market entry

With a prototype batch delivered within 5 days, companies can test products and accelerate final version production by several months compared to injection moulding.

Superb substitute for injection moulding

Zero initial costs make 3D printing cost-effective for short production runs, enabling just-in-time production and improving financial liquidity.

Complete geometry customization and design flexibility

Incremental technologies offer limitless geometric possibilities for parts, allowing for easy design changes in subsequent series without impacting production time and cost.

The process of product introduction in the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology

Step-by-step cooperation


3D Models

You send us 3D models and a description of the project, considering the intended application of the parts, the quantity, and the expected date of implementation.


Consultation with an engineer

Our engineers suggest possible design optimizations to reduce costs, reduce weight, or improve strength.



You receive a prototype that you can test on your target audience. It is made of the same material and technology as the final parts.


Final order

After approval, we deliver the finished parts in one batch or according to a predetermined schedule in the just-in-time mode.


Project improvement

If necessary, you can freely modify the project without incurring additional costs.


We cooperate with companies all over Poland

Case studies

Implementation at our clients' premises

See what devices our customers produce using 3D printing technology.

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Magdalena Pietrasińska

Sales Enginneer

About us

Why Cubic Inch?

126 hardware projects completed

We have assisted our clients in the implementation of more than 126 hardware projects. We share our experience and make the process of launching new products much faster and less expensive.

HP Multi Jet Fusion machinery park

We have three advanced HP Multi Jet Fusion incremental production machines at our disposal. We always take care to provide free production capacity to deliver your parts "yesterday" if necessary, ensuring the speed and efficiency of production.

Technical support at every stage

We provide services to more than 40 equipment manufacturers per year. Thanks to such a wealth of experience, we help customers to maximise the potential of 3D technology in the implementation of innovative products.

Process-oriented approach

We guarantee an efficient ordering process, timely delivery of parts and the support of dedicated managers.


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Our experts address the most commonly asked questions concerning the utilization of additive technologies by device and electronics manufacturers.

Which devices do we most often produce parts for at Cubic Inch?
Most often, we print parts for specialised devices – e.g., ones used in military and medical industries. However, an increasing number of customers are using the service to produce an initial series of equipment before ordering injection moulds to verify the design at a low cost.
Is 3D printing cheaper than injection moulding?
3D printing is cheaper than injection moulding, but up to a certain number of pieces. Injection moulding technology requires a large initial investment; therefore, with shorter batches, the final price per piece is high. In the case of 3D printing, there are no initial costs.
Are there any rules for preparing 3D models for incremental technologies?
In additional manufacturing, there are far fewer geometric constraints than in the technology of machining or mould injection. However, you should pay attention to the minimum wall thickness and the diameter of air ducts.
Can I be sure of the dimensional accuracy of the printed parts?
We guarantee dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.3 mm for <100 mm and +/- 0.3% of the nominal dimension for <100 mm. If higher levels of accuracy are required, we approach the matter individually and have proven methods to meet the requirements of the project.

Practical Insights into Additive Manufacturing

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