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Druk 3d dla startup'ów

What do startups and R&D departments gain by using 3D printing?

The progress of 3D printing in recent years has significantly increased the range of potential applications of this technology. Advanced devices, such as HP Multi Jet Fusion, provide high production capacity and much better quality and precision of printing compared to printers from a decade ago, and at the same time, allow for large savings due to the lack of initial costs.

Using 3D printing, startups and R&D departments are revolutionizing their processes, achieving great benefits in terms of time, cost reduction, and even design optimization.

In this article, we will talk about these benefits, describe the most important numbers, and describe several examples of projects implemented for our clients.

3D printing for startups and R&D departments – benefits in numbers

In the case of startup and innovative projects, 3D printing can have a huge impact on CAPEX (capital expenditure) and process optimization. The main comparison is the widely used injection technology.

Due to the high quality of the elements created, it is one of the most frequently chosen solutions for housings for electronic devices and other parts requiring strength and aesthetics.

However, the inherent problem of this technology is the high cost of injection molds and a very long production time. 3D printing solves these problems and, at the same time, provides quality similar to injection.

Without further ado, let’s get to the specifics and sample projects.

Accelerating the development and manufacturing process of new devices by an average of 50-75%

Ordering an injection mold may involve waiting time of up to 2 months. By choosing 3D printing, we speed up the process of producing new devices by an average of 50-75%.

When time is of the essence, pushing a project forward this significantly can be of enormous value to the company. This is exactly what happened to Cortivision, the company that designs Photon Cap, a tool for examining brain activity.

The company was looking for a parts supplier who would efficiently and quickly deliver plastic elements for a device that was constantly being improved. Orders were supposed to be cyclical, and the ordered parts were to be modified between series.

By ensuring parts delivery within 3 days of ordering and the possibility of ongoing changes in designs, we helped Cortivision significantly accelerate the process of developing an innovative product.

Reduction of capital needed for investment by up to 90%

3D printing enables very high savings compared to an injection mold, the cost of which reaches several hundred thousand. zloty. At low volumes, the necessary capital expenditure can be reduced by up to 90%.

3D printing offers a particularly great advantage in the case of products at early stages of development, i.e. those produced in short and medium series and requiring modifications between series. The ability to iteratively develop the product is also of great value to Cortivision.

In some situations, investing in an injection mold is completely unprofitable, and 3D printing may become not only the most profitable but even the only technology enabling the implementation of the project.

A perfect example of such a project is QuinSpin, i.e. innovative devices designed by a professional barista. Due to the limited budget, QuinSpin could only be created using 3D printing technology.

Read the full description of the project here

Reduction of production costs by an additional 20-30% thanks to expert services in the field of design for 3D printing

Additive technologies provide broader design possibilities than traditional injection, casting, or machining solutions. Designers can create more geometrically complex parts, hollow inside, equipped with threads, air channels, and other elements – e.g. facilitating further processing or assembly.

Working with our clients, we help identify how projects can be improved and how the potential of 3D printing can be maximized. Using our support, customers, on average, reduce the cost of producing parts by 20-30% by reducing the use of material and speeding up the process.

Reduction of production costs by 20-30% thanks to our expert services, which allow for better design of projects and savings on materials or production speed

Find out how much your startup or R&D department can gain from 3D printing

We provide companies interested in implementing 3D printing into their processes with full support in determining the most optimal scope of use of 3D printed elements and help estimate potential profits.

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