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What are the most common reasons why our clients need 3D printing?

Although the range of applications for 3D printing is very broad, and we regularly receive requests to create completely innovative…

The role of 3D printing in lean manufacturing

Agile manufacturing, from the English language “lean manufacturing”, is a method of managing production processes that focuses on eliminating losses…

The 5 most popular 3D printers in the world

3D printers are used in every geographical location by everyone – from factories and R&D departments to hobbyists and startups….

What do you need to know about partnering with Cubic Inch?

In many companies, additive technology is becoming the default solution for producing various parts and housings. Using 3D printing, companies…

What Do I Need to Get a Quote for an Order of 3D-Printed Parts?

The quotation process at Cubic Inch consists of a few simple elements. Four factors influence the cost of your order….

Surface Finish Options in Multi Jet Fusion Technology

For every 3D printing project, our customers have five surface finishing options. Depending on the choice of finish, the parts…

“3D Printing? It’s Not for Us”: Top Myths About 3D Printing in Modern Manufacturing

“The parts that we need can’t be printed in 3D” “3D printing will not work for us. It doesn’t meet…

Plastic parts manufacturing technologies

Over the past decades, methods of producing plastic parts have evolved significantly. Especially the technologies and solutions just introduced to…

Practical Insights into Additive Manufacturing

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