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Cubic Inch - Wsparcie przy prototypowaniu i produkcja części

Support for Prototyping and Parts Production for Innovation AG

Our collaboration with Innovation AG is a perfect example of utilizing advanced additive technologies in both the prototyping and parts production processes.

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Innovation AG S.A. is a company founded a few years ago by automotive enthusiasts with over a decade of experience in car design. The company specializes in advanced and innovative projects, which they have undertaken for large corporations and governmental entities.

For the past 5 years, Innovation AG has been focusing on electromobility, particularly the conversion of combustion-engine vehicles into efficient and reliable electric versions. Under the “e-van” project, the team has successfully performed eco-conversions on vehicles like the Ford Transit, Renault Master, and Land Rover Defender (Sokół 4×4).
Executing our projects without Cubic Inch’s support would have been nearly impossible. The technology proved to be perfect for us, and the collaboration process was flawless.

Piotr Gryszczuk

CTO, Innovation AG

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One of the key elements in the vehicle conversion process at Innovation AG is prototyping and testing parts, many of which need to be made from plastic. Each project requires a customized approach, resulting in the need for a significant number of prototypes.

Furthermore, these parts must meet specific aesthetic and durability requirements, which narrows down the range of potential technologies that can be used. Finally, due to high demand and short deadlines, the team needed quick order fulfillment and low costs even for small batches of 1-10 pieces.


Considering the specific requirements of Innovation AG, our service based on HP Multi Jet Fusion technology proved to be the perfect solution.

After initial tests with MJF-printed parts, the company decided to establish an ongoing collaboration for both prototype production and ready-to-use car parts. The parts met all customer requirements, and the ordering and delivery process was significantly simpler and faster than any alternatives.

With our service, the Innovation AG team received fully functional prototypes within 3 days of placing an order. After part verification, we promptly delivered the final batches of parts, all manufactured using the same technology. Importantly, thanks to additive manufacturing, subsequent orders incurred no initial setup costs, allowing the client to introduce any changes between production runs at no extra cost.

We tailored the collaboration process entirely to the client’s needs, with orders placed quickly through short phone calls and emails.

Benefits for the Customer

Our comprehensive service based on MJF technology enabled the client to both prototype and produce a larger quantity of parts with guaranteed repeatability in quality.
Comprehensive Service

MJF technology enabled the client to prototype and produce a larger quantity of parts with guaranteed repeatability in quality.

Significant Process Acceleration

The 3-day turnaround time was much faster than alternative options, greatly improving the client's process efficiency.

Budget-Friendly Project Execution

By entrusting us with prototype and part production, Innovation AG managed to save a significant portion of their budget.

Przyspieszenie procesu produkcji

Szybkie dostawy w czasie 3-5 dni roboczych zmniejszyły przestoje w produkcji i pozwoliły na sprawniejszą realizację zamówień.

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