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Ventilation Grilles for XO Boats

Professional design, durability in challenging saltwater conditions, and impeccable part precision. Our project for XO Boats demonstrates that all of this is achievable using HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology.

About project


XO Boats


Shipbuilding Industry


about 10 a single batch

Lead time

due to timline

XO Boats is a Finnish manufacturer of motorboats known for their strength and design. The boats are intended for both professional and recreational use.
XO’s boats come with plenty of customizing possibilities for all purposes one might have. Install kitchen for longer travels, add extra comfort with new benches, or make navigating bit easier with updated equipment.


XO Boats required ventilation grilles with a specific shape and dimension. The challenge was the shape itself, as the slanted walls made it impossible to create an injection molding mold for it. Another issue was the low demand for this particular part, making mold production economically unfeasible.


Considering the shape and required volume, 3D printing emerged as the most suitable manufacturing technology. Given that the grille would be exposed to water and needed durability, HP Multi Jet Fusion technology and PA12 material proved to be the ideal choice. An additional advantage was that the natural color of the part perfectly matched the boat’s design, eliminating the need for any additional finishing.

After successful testing, we established an ongoing partnership with XO Boats. The grilles are delivered on a monthly basis in a just-in-time manner, based on demand.

Benefits for the Customer

By embracing HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, XO Boats realized improved operations, cost savings, and streamlined processes.
Enhanced Financial Flexibility

Just-in-time production significantly reduced losses, streamlined planning, and provided the company with greater financial flexibility.

Meeting All Technical Requirements

HP MJF technology not only enabled part production but also ensured significantly lower costs compared to other potential solutions.

Accelerated Production Process

Swift deliveries within 3-5 working days minimized production downtime and allowed for more efficient order fulfillment.

Przyspieszenie procesu produkcji

Szybkie dostawy w czasie 3-5 dni roboczych zmniejszyły przestoje w produkcji i pozwoliły na sprawniejszą realizację zamówień.

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