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Electronic Device Casings for Operon

Enclosures for electronics in limited production runs, allowing for potential design modifications in subsequent phases of implementation. In these endeavors, leveraging both 3D printing and HP Multi Jet Fusion technology emerges as an optimal resolution. Within this undertaking, Cubic Inch assumed responsibility for the complete implementation lifecycle, spanning from initial design to the eventual delivery of the meticulously crafted enclosures.

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Publishing House


about 40-100 pcs. in single batch

Lead time

1 month for design
5 days for production

Operon stands as an educational publishing house consistently attuned to the demands of the teaching community, adeptly fulfilling students’ educational requisites. Their array encompasses pedagogical kits encompassing not solely textbooks, but also an extensive array of supplementary resources for students, educators, and institutions. This compilation spans multimedia instructional tools to autonomously crafted educational cinematic productions, diligently catering to the holistic educational panorama.
Mój główny problem jest taki, że mam za dużo pomysłów. Cubic Inch wybiera najlepsze z nich, testuje i wdraża je na liniach produkcyjnych Unilogo. W dodatku zazwyczaj płacę za mniej niż się spodziewałem. Druk 3D i technologia HP Multi Jet Fusion to magia w formie najczystszej.

Tomasz Pałka

Production Head, XO Boats

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Operon sought to supplement its offerings with a compact electronic tool based on Raspberry Pi, designed for effortless educational material presentation. Despite an annual production volume of several hundred units, the project consistently evolved due to changing Raspberry Pi versions and associated dimensions. The chief challenge involved devising a casing manufacturing method aligned with Operon’s business goals. Notably, the limited production scale and evolving design ruled out injection molding.


Having meticulously evaluated available avenues and technological options, Operon arrived at a solution: the utilization of HP Multi Jet Fusion technology coupled with PA12 material for housing production. After the printing process, components underwent a vibro-abrasive finishing and a custom-selected RAL palette color varnishing.

Taking the reins of design, prototyping, surface finish selection, and timely delivery, the Cubic Inch team managed the entire lifecycle. Employing a just-in-time approach, Operon requisitioned enclosures based on current needs, promptly receiving deliveries within 1-2 weeks, contingent on batch size.

Benefits for the Customer

The collaboration between Operon and Cubic Inch on housing production showcases the advantages of 3D printing technology and a comprehensive approach. This strategy addressed economic considerations, client needs, risk management, and market entry efficiency.
Economic Efficiency

3D printing emerged as the sole economically viable choice, minimizing costs and ensuring optimal resource utilization.

Streamlined Process

Cubic Inch's full-spectrum involvement, from design to prototype approval, relieved Operon of engineering burdens.

Risk Reduction and Financial Flexibility

3D printing sidestepped upfront expenses, while just-in-time production eliminated warehousing costs, enhancing financial fluidity.

Customization and Speed to Market

Iterative design adjustments, facilitated by 3D printing's flexibility, led to products better aligned with market needs. Additionally, the seamless transition from prototyping to production accelerated time-to-market considerably.

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