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Lower Limb Prosthetic Sockets for Proteo

The world of manufacturing has witnessed a transformative evolution with the advent of 3D printing technology. It’s not just about creating prototypes or small-scale parts anymore; it’s about crafting highly specialized devices and even prosthetics, as demonstrated in this enlightening case study.

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Custom dimensions, one-off pieces

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5 working days

Proteo is a startup offering thigh and shin prosthetics perfectly tailored to the needs of patients. Proteo uses top-tier components in their prosthetics, including an artificial knee joint, connecting and shock-absorbing systems, as well as prosthetic feet. The prosthetic socket must also meet all durability and visual requirements.
Mój główny problem jest taki, że mam za dużo pomysłów. Cubic Inch wybiera najlepsze z nich, testuje i wdraża je na liniach produkcyjnych Unilogo. W dodatku zazwyczaj płacę za mniej niż się spodziewałem. Druk 3D i technologia HP Multi Jet Fusion to magia w formie najczystszej.

Tomasz Pałka

Production Head, XO Boats

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The client sought a technology that met three requirements:
  1. Personalization – the socket’s shape must be a perfect fit for the patient’s stump, with its design and durability matching the patient’s weight and intended physical activities.
  2. Durability – prosthetic sockets are subjected to significant stresses and require high fatigue strength. Many of Proteo’s patients are active athletes, so their durability requirements are very high.
  3. Appearance and surface quality – the prosthetic is part of the daily “wardrobe” for Proteo’s patients, so the visual aspect of the prosthetic is crucial. Patients often have specific color preferences or require logos to be visible on the socket.


Taking into account Proteo’s requirements, 3D printing in MJF technology proved to be not just ideal but often the only viable option.

  1. The personalization aspect virtually rules out all manufacturing technologies except 3D printing. The geometry of the socket makes one-off production in machining technologies virtually impossible. Injection molding for one-off production is also not feasible.

  2. The sockets must be equally durable in all axes, with high stresses requiring a uniform internal structure. Such requirements are met only by powder-based additive technologies, with HP Multi Jet Fusion being the best fit. All sockets for Proteo are printed in the ‘Balance’ mode, ensuring perfect bonding between successive layers and eliminating the risk of defects inside the socket.

  3. All prints for Proteo undergo vibratory finishing. If a patient orders a specific color, the sockets are coated with highly durable paint.

Benefits for the Customer

HP Multi Jet Fusion technology has proven to be excellent for producing even such demanding parts. Since the beginning of 2022, we have delivered 204 prosthetic sockets to the company.
Customized Process for the Client's Needs

Based on Proteo's requirements, we have created a custom quality control process, ensuring the highest quality product every time.

Maximized Shortening of Lead Time

We deliver sockets within 5-10 working days, depending on the chosen surface finish. In crisis situations, we can even deliver a socket within 48 hours.

Continuous Improvement of Collaboration

Once a quarter, we meet to exchange feedback, constantly improving the collaboration process.

Przyspieszenie procesu produkcji

Szybkie dostawy w czasie 3-5 dni roboczych zmniejszyły przestoje w produkcji i pozwoliły na sprawniejszą realizację zamówień.

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