How to implement a hardware project using 3D printing in 3 steps

About 70% of all our projects are enclosures and parts for electronic devices. The HP Multi Jet Fusion printing technology is ideal for this type of application, especially in low and medium-series production.  If you are considering using this technology in your project, this article will describe step by step the process of ordering and […]

Producing manufacturing aids with HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing

W materiale znajdziecie cenne informacje jak efektywnie wykorzystywać druk 3D i HP MJF do usprawniania procesów produkcyjnych. Produkcja narzędzi produkcyjnych to jedno z najczęstszych zastosowań tej technologii. W materiale do pobrania znajdziecie praktyczną wiedzę jak projektować narzędzia i przykłady z życia wzięte.

What are the differences between 3D printing technologies MJF and SLS?

In the last few years, 3D printing has become one of the most effective and frequently chosen solutions for producing replacement parts, device enclosures, and even specialized prostheses. When looking for a solution that will allow you to create a small number of elements at a low cost, customers are increasingly opting for 3D printing. […]

Formatting part for rotating corks on the production line for Avon

As 3D printing specialists, we are well aware of the potential benefits that this technology can bring to production. However, there are situations when even we are amazed at the significant difference this solution can make. The project for Avon’s factory is precisely such a case.

Tool for Enhancing Car Body Painting Process

Regular deliveries of standardized parts are among the most critical challenges in maintaining factory operations. The Colgate Palmolive Manufacturing case illustrates the immense assistance that 3D printing can provide in this area.

Parking Sensor Housings

Injection molding technology is excellent for producing durable plastic parts. However, the challenge arises when the cost of injection molding tools can reach several hundred thousand zlotys. So, what can be done when only a few hundred parts are needed? The following case study provides an answer to this question.

Spare Parts for Production Lines for Colgate Palmolive Manufacturing 

All case studies About project Comapny Colgate Palmolive Manufacturing Industry FMCG factory Technology HP Multi Jet Fusion Material Poliamid PA12 Quantity from 1 up 100 in a single batch Lead time 5 dni roboczych dla pojedynczego zamówienia Service Produkcja kontraktowa Projektowanie 3D Doradztwo wdrożeniowe Colgate Palmolive Manufacturing Poland produces toothpaste and mouthwash liquids distributed to […]

Custom Climbing Grip for Red Bull

3D printing often emerges as the most sensible solution for highly unconventional ideas. This time, we assisted Red Bull Polska in realizing an extraordinary race…

Practical Insights into Additive Manufacturing

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