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How does 3D printing help startups realize trailblazing projects?

druk 3d dla startupow

“I have an idea for a device that will revolutionize industry X, but I don’t have the budget to produce it.” This rather depressing scenario has stalled a lot of great ideas over the centuries. The main obstacle in most cases was the cost of producing the part – regardless of whether the appropriate technology […]

3D Printing for Businesses – Finding a Provider, Implementation Process and Benefits

The professional use of 3D printing has long ceased to be limited to the prototyping process. Thanks to technologically advanced devices such as HP Multi Jet Fusion, 3D printing is increasingly becoming the best and most profitable technology in producing format parts and spare parts, housings for electronic devices, and even prostheses. In this article, […]

How do device manufacturers profit from using 3D printing?

czesc 3d w produkcji urzadzen

What do device manufacturers gain by using 3D printing? Until recently, manufacturers considered 3D printing only a prototyping technology. FDM printers have become an integral element of the process of creating new devices, enabling designers and constructors to verify their ideas quickly. However, the development of new 3D printing technologies has led to a significant […]

Design, scanning, and manufacturing of plastic elements as one service

projektowanie pod druk 3d

Process optimization is a concept that has been permanently introduced into the everyday vocabulary of managers and engineers, regardless of the size of the company and the industry in which they work. In most cases, it means speeding up work and reducing costs, which is often associated with introducing new Industry 4.0 technology to the […]

Plastic parts manufacturing technologies

Over the past decades, methods of producing plastic parts have evolved significantly. Especially the technologies and solutions just introduced to the market have opened up many new opportunities for enterprises. Using 3D printing, thermoforming, injection, and even incorporating AI into processes, the production of plastic parts becomes cheaper and faster while maintaining high quality. In […]

How do 3D printers solve CNC machining problems?

Every year, more and more press articles and scientific publications discuss the important role of 3D printing in the context of Industry 4.0. The theory sounds great and talks about huge benefits, but what’s the point if it doesn’t touch actual business processes and implementations in real companies? As a result, companies often stick to […]

How can 3D printing help reduce the cost of replacement parts?

Ordering replacement parts is a process that keeps maintenance engineers awake at night. Sometimes the problems concern quality, in other cases delivery time, but in almost every situation, the question arises: “can’t it be cheaper?” Well, it’s possible. In many cases, 3D-printed replacement parts can effectively and cost-effectively replace those manufactured using other technologies, including […]

What do factories and maintenance departments gain from using 3D printing?

Co zyskują fabryki i działy utrzymania ruchu korzystając z druku 3D?

3D printing is one of the key technologies in the ongoing fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). Shifting from traditional manufacturing methods to additive technologies allows companies to achieve extensive process optimizations, cost reductions, and shorter lead times. In this article, we will describe these benefits, provide key figures, and offer specific examples of 3D printing […]

How to implement a hardware project using 3D printing in 3 steps

Szybkie prototypowanie – po co to komu potrzebne?

About 70% of all our projects are enclosures and parts for electronic devices. The HP Multi Jet Fusion printing technology is ideal for this type of application, especially in low and medium-series production.  If you are considering using this technology in your project, this article will describe step by step the process of ordering and […]