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The 5 most popular 3D printers in the world

3D printers are used in every geographical location by everyone – from factories and R&D departments to hobbyists and startups. The development of various 3D printing technologies has increased the printers’ availability and reduced their cost, but also significantly expanded the possible applications of 3D printing. Modern 3D printers are no longer just prototyping devices. […]

What do you need to know about partnering with Cubic Inch?

In many companies, additive technology is becoming the default solution for producing various parts and housings. Using 3D printing, companies shorten delivery times, secure the supply chain, reduce costs, and even increase product quality and streamline processes. If you are wondering what is involved in implementing 3D printing in your company, this article will help […]

What Do I Need to Get a Quote for an Order of 3D-Printed Parts?

The quotation process at Cubic Inch consists of a few simple elements. Four factors influence the cost of your order. In the article below, we will describe exactly how these factors affect the cost of your order and what else you need to get a quote. Before we start the quote To get an estimate, […]

How does 3D printing help startups realize trailblazing projects?

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“I have an idea for a device that will revolutionize industry X, but I don’t have the budget to produce it.” This rather depressing scenario has stalled a lot of great ideas over the centuries. The main obstacle in most cases was the cost of producing the part – regardless of whether the appropriate technology […]

3D Printing for Businesses – Finding a Provider, Implementation Process and Benefits

The professional use of 3D printing has long ceased to be limited to the prototyping process. Thanks to technologically advanced devices such as HP Multi Jet Fusion, 3D printing is increasingly becoming the best and most profitable technology in producing format parts and spare parts, housings for electronic devices, and even prostheses. In this article, […]

How precise are 3D printers?

3D printing technology is growing in popularity both among companies that use professional 3D printers to produce specialized parts and among companies that place individual orders for the production of prototypes. In both cases, users must consider the level of precision they expect from a 3D-printed object and understand how it is achieved. In this […]

Applications of 3D printing in medicine

Modern 3D printing technology offers many advantages for various applications. One of the industries that have gained the most is the medical sector. Thanks to its unique possibilities, more and more patients can enjoy a better life, gaining access to personalized prostheses. In addition, 3D printing is also used in medical practices, including surgery, where […]