Case studies 11/11

A tool supporting the process of car body painting


Our customer is a well-known car manufacturer (due to formal reasons we cannot disclose the name).


The car body manufactured by our customer is painted in two colors. The problem was the repeatable delineation of the cut-off line between these colors. Previously, magnetic foil templates were used for this purpose, but this solution did not fulfill its role. It was not repeatable enough and a lot depended on the operator’s precision.


Based on the 3D body model provided by the customer, we designed a perfectly adjusted tool on the basis of repeatable car body elements. We also placed magnets inside, so that the tool would hold well when applied to the car body. We have produced key elements of the tool with the MJF technology. In addition, in the spots where the tool contacts the car body, we placed inserts made with SLA technology to reduce the likelihood of scratches on the car body.


Accelerating and increasing the repeatability of the production process. Simplification of operations for the operator. Perfect fit for the car body shape, which is impossible to achieve using traditional manufacturing methods.