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Multi Jet Fusion Technology

Additive manufacturing technology developed by HP has revolutionized the world of short series production. The principle of operation consists in sintering polymer powders with UV light. The advantage of MJF over other additive technologies is its very high process efficiency, strength of elements and surface quality. Multi Jet Fusion is becoming a significant competitor for injection technology in the short series production of parts of plastic. Thanks to it, we can print functional parts made of PA12 polyamide in just three working days, without bearing any costs of production launch.

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Cubic Inch Tomasz Pałka Production Head in Novartis
At the factory of Novartis in Warsaw, we managed to implement 3D printing (HP Multi Jet Fusion technology) for manufacturing individual format parts in our product lines and in laboratory devices. After the testing period, we were impressed by the strength of the printed parts. The application of additive technologies has helped us to significantly reduce the cost of spare parts and shortened the delivery time from several weeks to several days. We will definitely look for more applications of this technology in our factory and other factories of our group.
Cubic Inch Tomasz Nowacki Owner, Unilogo
The chief problem of mine is that I have too many ideas. Cubic Inch selects the best of them, tests and implements them on Unilogo production lines. In addition, I usually pay less than I expected. 3D printing and HP Multi Jet Fusion technology is magic in its purest form.
Cubic Inch Marek Łach Senior Proces Engineer in Hoerbiger
From my point of view, the implementation of 3D printing technology brings new possibilities for testing solutions at the stage of designing parts, for which we used to have to wait even a couple of weeks, and now we have them on our desk in less than a week. Such a change introduces a completely different pace of work on projects and allows us to meet the expectations of our customers.

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Cubic Inch is a creative team of engineers who approach what they do with passion. We are confident that 3D printing technology will revolutionize the world of production and design. Our role is to find and implement solutions that will bring the greatest benefits to our Customers.

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HP Multi Jet Fusion

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    Cubic Inch - 3D printing services

    Cubic Inch is a group of passionate engineers who know very well that 3D printing technology will play a leading role in the fourth industrial revolution. We are very well acquainted with the possibilities of additive technologies and we know how to use them in a way that brings the greatest profits to our customers. Today, 3D printing is an alternative technology for producing parts from plastics. Its main advantage in comparison to injection technology is the fact that 3D printing does not require the preparation of any tools or moulds to start the production of parts. It makes piece production profitable and offers the possibility to fulfill orders even in 3 business days. In addition to 3D printing, we also offer other services such as 3D design, 3D scanning, reverse engineering and optimization of parts geometry. Our team of engineers can be of comprehensive assistance in designing a finished product based on the concepts presented by our Customer. We also perform modeling 3D details based on technical documentation or hand drawings. We design and print 3D machine parts, housings for electronic devices, robot grippers, format parts, holders and fasteners, and various types of production tools. In addition to 3D design and 3D modeling, we also offer 3D scanning. With the help of a 3D scanner using structured light, we can quickly and accurately reproduce a 3D model of a part and then with the help of reverse engineering we can reproduce the technical documentation of the component. This service is useful when our customers want to reproduce a plastic or metal part. We can even reproduce the geometry of a part that is broken or abraded.