Tools for quality control

We assist manufacturing companies in improving quality control processes. We design functional and ergonomic tools and deliver them in record-breaking short time.

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Complex geometries

CNC machining is too time-consuming and problematic? Check the capabilities of additive technologies. Here, complexity does not generate additional costs or lengthen the production time.


Perfectly fitting

Due to the fact that our tools can be perfectly adapted to the shape of the product, they are easy to use, and they maximise the removal of errors that could have been made by the operator during the quality control process.


Reduction of delivery time

Thanks to the use of Multi Jet Fusion technology - the fastest 3D printing technology, we are able to deliver your tools faster than ever before!


Project support

To maximize the potential of additive technologies, their application should be considered already at the design stage. Our team will be happy to design your tool from scratch or optimize your design to reduce production time and cost as much as possible!

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