Rapid protptyping

Fast prototyping can significantly speed up the product design process. We deliver prototypes even in 3 business days, and the durability and accuracy of the parts makes them fully functional.

Online quoting

Why is it worthwhile to use MJF technology to create prototypes?


Maximum usability

Thanks to the use of HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, our parts are fully isotropic, and their strength is comparable to milled or injected elements.


No layered structure

Sintered powder layers are in most cases invisible on prints made in MJF technology. The prints have a slightly rough but pleasant to touch surface which can be smoothed if necessary.


Fast lead time and onlie quoting

The HP Jet Fusion 4200 printer allows us to deliver a series of prototypes to our customers even in 3 business days, and the complexity of the parts does not affect the delivery time! Moreover, you can price and order your prototype online in just 3 minutes!

Online quoting