Format parts for production lines

We design, optimize and manufacture format parts for production lines in a very short time.

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Dlaczego warto drukować części formatowe?


Maximum usability

We can make parts which are impossible to produce with the use of traditional technologies. The format part in the picture is a very good example. It is used for turning bottle stoppers and it contains air ducts along the entire length of the duct. We encourage you to see the case study from this project.


We reproduce technical documentation

You don't have a 3D model or technical documentation? We can reproduce it quickly and accurately using a 3D scanner. We can do it even if the part has been damaged or undergone wear and tear.


No initial costs

In the case of additive manufacturing, a 3D model is enough for us to start production, so you do not have to bear any initial costs, and production pays off even with single piece orders.


Short lead time

If we have a 3D model of a part in our parts library or if you have its technical documentation, we can dispatch a completed order in 3 business days. If there is a need to reproduce the documentation, the entire order lead time will take no longer than 5-7 days ...

Online quoting