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3D Scanning

Reverse engineering

With the help of a 3D scanner and advanced reverse engineering software, we are able to accurately and quickly restore documentation for parts. We can obtain / We can create an editable solid model in the .STP or .IGS format and technical drawings in 2D.

Reconstitution of damaged parts

3D scanning and reverse engineering are excellent tools that make the production of spare parts easier. We are able to accurately reproduce the geometry of parts and then quickly produce them using an additive or other technologies, perfectly suited to the customer's needs.

Quality control

3D scanning allows for quick measurements and comparison of the produced part with the CAD model. Application of the point cloud to the solid model allows for graphic representation of the map of deviations and identification of technological process errors, such as wear and tear of the injection mould or the impact of material shrinkage on the geometry of a component.


3D scanning allows for quick copying of a detail, even with complex geometry. Advanced software allows for changing the shape of the scanned part and generating an .STL file, suitable for immediate printing.

3D Scanning

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Combining a creative team of engineers, access to rapid prototyping technology and knowledge of manufacturing techniques are the key to success in creating innovative products.


We assist in implementing 3D printing technology into the supply chain. We design parts for additive manufacturing to fully exploit the potential of this technology.
- We optimize parts in terms of their weight and strength
- We adapt the design to 3D printing technology
- We change the geometry of parts in order to reduce production costs


3D printing is an ideal technology for creating dedicated tools for controlling the quality of packaging or parts for the automotive industry. We provide comprehensive order processing. We design, create a prototype, and then deliver ready-to-use tools


3D printing technology gives completely new possibilities in the design and manufacture of solutions for specific functional and visual requirements. We design and manufacture dedicated tools for the automotive, packaging, cinematic and other industries.

We operate using software by

- Inventor
- Fusion 360

3D Scanning