3D printing for industry

Additive manufacturing technologies commonly known as 3D printing are an important part of the revolution Industry 4.0. The development of these technologies has made them an interesting alternative to traditional manufacturing technologies such as injection or machining. 3D printing provides great opportunities for optimising the supply chain in short-run production. It also allows for implementing completely new tools, impossible to manufacture in other technologies, which will speed up, simplify and increase the repeatability of the production process. We will gladly assist you in taking advantage of these opportunities.

Why 3D printing?

Short lead time

We know perfectly how long periods of waiting for parts can disrupt the operation of a manufacturing plant. Eliminating this problem is one of our main goals. The HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200 system for additive production allows us to fulfill orders in 3-5 business days. Do you need parts made asap? Give us a call and we'll see what can be done.

Druk 3D dla przemysłu - Cubic Inch
Druk 3D dla przemysłu - Cubic Inch

Simple online quoting system

Are you fed up with waiting for the offer to be prepared? In Cubic Inch you can price the printing of the parts yourself. Thanks to our automatic quoting system, preparation of an offer in Cubic Inch takes 3 minutes and you can do it yourself! We have no initial costs for short series production and the price depends only on the dimensions and volume of the parts. If you have any doubts, e.g. regarding the choice of printing technology, please call us. We will gladly help you!

A new dimension of design

Additive technologies eliminate existing limitations in the geometry of parts. Thanks to this, we can create completely new solutions such as internal channels, trusses or organic structures. We can also print mechanisms composed of many cooperating elements without the necessity of subsequent assembly. Do you need support in refining your 3D model? Contact us!

Druk 3D dla przemysłu - Cubic Inch
Druk 3D dla przemysłu - Cubic Inch

Durability of parts

Thanks to the MJF technology, our parts are as durable as those made by injection or machining. Their durability is consistent, regardless of the direction of load and the layered structure of the print is invisible. In Cubic Inch we mainly manufacture parts for machines and production lines. Our details have already endured hundreds of thousands of cycles. Do you wish to perform tests? Order samples from us!

Multi Jet Fusion Technology

Additive manufacturing technology developed by HP has revolutionized the world of short series production. The principle of operation consists in sintering polymer powders with UV light. The advantage of MJF over other additive technologies is its very high process efficiency, strength of elements and surface quality. Multi Jet Fusion is becoming a significant competitor for injection technology in the short series production of parts of plastic. Thanks to it, we can print functional parts made of PA12 polyamide in just three working days, without bearing any costs of production launch.

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