We are experts in two areas – 3D design and additive technologies commonly referred to as 3D printing. We have been collaborating with production companies from the automotive and machine industry for over 5 years. The combination of knowledge and experience in these fields enables us to create solutions that bring huge benefits to our customers.

Multi Jet Fusion Technology

Additive manufacturing technology developed by HP has revolutionized the world of short series production. The principle of operation consists in sintering polymer powders with UV light. The advantage of MJF over other additive technologies is its very high process efficiency, strength of elements and surface quality. Multi Jet Fusion is becoming a significant competitor for injection technology in the short series production of parts of plastic. Thanks to it, we can print functional parts made of PA12 polyamide in just three working days, without bearing any costs of production launch.

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Robot grippers

We design and manufacture robot grippers for special purposes using the full potential of additive technologies.

-Comprehensive implementation
-Air ducts
-Air ducts
-Higher speeds

Production tools

Additive technologies revolutionize the design and delivery of production tools. Lack of design restrictions enables us to create lighter and more ergonomic tools. An easy production process helps shorten the design stage.

-Perfectly fitting
-Short design cycles
-Just-on-time production

Format parts

We design, optimize and manufacture format parts for production lines in an astoundingly short time.

-Krótki czas realizacji
-Brak kosztów początkowych
-Odtwarzamy dokumentację techniczną
-Maksymalna funkcjonalność

Tools for quality control

We assist manufacturing companies in improving quality control processes. We design functional and ergonomic tools and deliver them in record-breaking short time.

-Complex geometries
-Perfectly fitting
-Reduction of delivery time
-Project support

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