Case studies 8/11

Transport positioners for a production line intended for servicing packagings


Unilogo Robotics – Our key partner, involved in the design and production of dedicated devices (pouring, capping, labelling machines and complete production lines) to an individual customer’s order.


The conveyor line for bottle triggers required dedicated stands in order to position elements precisely. Due to their complicated geometry, making stands with a CNC machine was complicated, expensive, and the delivery time could take several weeks.


By producing the same stands with the MJF technology, we reduced production costs by 30% and reduced the waiting time to 3 business days. However, the potential of 3D printing had not yet been fully exploited at that stage. The next step was to optimise the project for 3D printing. We slimmed the parts down to a minimum, in order to lower their cost of production. Due to the fact that 3D printing does not generate initial costs and does not require the construction of special equipment, the designers were able to quickly test several versions of the project and choose the most optimal one. Due to the fact that the element does not carry heavy loads, we filled it with an openwork structure to further reduce the weight of the part and the printing cost.


Reduction of production cost by 60% compared to CNC manufacturing. Waiting time reduction from 3 weeks to 3 days. The ability to verify various projects within a few days. Relieving the transporter engines through significant weight reduction.