Case studies 7/11

3D printed prototype for building an assembly station


The Polish branch of the company Nexteer is a leading manufacturer of steering systems and columns. The factories located in Tychy and Gliwice produce about 3 million elements of this type a year.


Nexteer had to create an assembly station based on the 3D model provided by a customer. It was a model of a large cast with complex geometry. The customer had not yet produced the part, so a prototype was needed to build the assembly station. The cost of making such an element with a CNC machine was very high due to the complex geometry, and the delivery time would have been 14 weeks.


Within 4 business days, we printed a model faithfully reflecting the geometry of the cast with the MJF technology. Printing an element of this type costs 87% less than making it with a CNC machine.


Thanks to the application of 3D printing, our customer was able to start the construction of the station 13 weeks earlier than if they had commissioned preparation of this part with a CNC machine. In addition, the customer saved 87% of the amount which they would have had to spend if the decision to employ machining had been made.