Case studies 2/11

Climbing hold for Red Bull


Red Bull, famous for its crazy ideas, invented a rather unusual race. Marcin Dzieński – the world and European climbing champion raced with… an elevator. Climbing holds were mounted on the outer wall of the Olympic Centre.
Although timed climbing is a very attractive sport, the night scenery added some pageantry to the race with an elevator at the Olympic Centre. Marcin climbs up a 15-meter wall on daily basis; here, he faced a bigger challenge – the wall was 23 meters high. Marcin conquered the wall in just 12.12 seconds!


We received a special commission to design and create a climbing hold in the shape of the well-known Red Bull logo. The hold was not only supposed to look great in the photos, but first and foremost, it should comply with the durability requirements.


The hold was designed by our project team and printed in HP Multi Jet Fusion polyamide PA12 technology. Initially, the Client was a little sceptical towards the idea of the 3D printing of something that is supposed to withstand high tension, knowing that the safety of the climber depends on the durability of the hold. However, the hold had to pass multiple durability tests before the race. The durability of the print in HP MJF technology impressed everyone.