Case studies 9/11

3D Printed protective housings for transportation of cable connectors


The Sews-Cabind Poland company is involved in the production of electric wiring bundles for the automotive industry. It has been on the Polish market since 2001, when it joined the Sumitomo Group, one of the most powerful Japanese company groups.


The production of some wiring bundles was hindered by the occurrence of certain types of connectors, which were quite delicate and frequently destroyed during transport. A solution that would protect them from damage was needed.


We designed several housing variants for different connector sizes. When designing, we used the ability to print moving parts, which allowed an easy slide of connectors in and out of the housing. We made prototypes, and then after they had been accepted by the customer, we started serial production. We produced 600 pieces of each variant with the MJF technology.


Short delivery time – 5 business days for each series. No initial costs – we were able to produce any number of variants and change the design at each stage of production. No need to assemble – thanks to the capability of printing moving parts, the part coming out of the printer was the final product without the necessity to assemble it.