Case studies 10/11

3D printed format part for turning bottle stoppers on a production line


A factory of the Avon company – a world leader in the production and distribution of cosmetics.


Our customer needed a format part that would turn perfume bottle stoppers 90 degrees before the process of closing perfume bottles. Initially, the part was to be welded from sheet metal, but manufacturing it in this way proved to be expensive, complicated, low precision and time-consuming.


We designed and printed the element with MJF technology. To ensure maximum process performance, we placed internal compressed air ducts that pushed perfume bottle stoppers, and we covered the element with Teflon tape to reduce the friction of the stoppers.


Short lead time: 2 weeks from the moment of placing the order. Compressed air ducts that would be impossible to manufacture in any other technology. Lower price compared to traditional methods of production.