Industrial 3D printing from a practical point of view

How does 3D printing solve problems related to injection technology?

The standard production process for plastic equipment in recent decades mainly involved injection technology, and this proven solution will undoubtedly still be used in mass production. However, due to several advantages, such as lower costs in smaller orders and far shorter lead times, 3D printing is gaining more and more popularity. What’s more, 3D printing […]

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How much does 3D printing cost?

The decision to use 3D printing is, in many cases, financially motivated. Whether your business needs small spare parts for production lines or large enclosures for electronic devices, it is often the most cost-effective technology. So how do you determine if 3D printing will definitely pay off in your case, and how much will it […]

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What are the possible volumes in 3D printing?

3D printing technology includes many important innovations, among others the ability to easily manufacture geometrically complex parts. It is difficult and sometimes even impossible to do it using conventional methods. It offers companies many new opportunities to produce the parts they need. The popularity of this technology is growing every year and it is used […]

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When is 3D printing profitable?

In recent years, the use of 3D printing has been growing in popularity both among companies and for personal use. Entrepreneurs and individuals started to notice the potential of 3D printing technology. In this article, you will learn what are the greatest benefits of 3D printing and when it is beneficial to invest in it! […]

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3D Printed Electronics Enclosures

In one of our previous articles, we discussed in detail how 3D printing is revolutionizing various industries. One of such branches, worthy of its own entry, is the electronics industry. Producers of electronic devices are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of using 3D printing in their everyday work. The most popular and highly effective […]

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What does it take to design a part for 3D printing?

3D printing technology can give the impression of disturbingly advanced, taken straight out of a sci-fi movie. Parts are being created out of thin air, layer by layer. Designing such components must therefore be very complicated and advanced, right? Actually, not at all. The design stage of 3D printing is basically analogous to the process […]

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Industrial applications of 3D printing

Structural elements, machine parts, finishing details – for a long time, all these products were made using subtractive processing, such as milling or turning. The situation changed dramatically when 3D printing technology entered the scene. The production approach made a 180-degree turn – literally and figuratively. Literally because, instead of removing the material in the […]

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Why is MJF 3D printing technology developing so fast?

“Revolutionary” is one of the most overused terms used for slogans by technology and advertising companies. It usually takes some time before we realize something is truly groundbreaking or not. This was also the case with Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) – a technology from HP, which in 2017 caused a lot of buzz in the […]

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Price list for 3D printing, i.e., how the price of a part is calculated

We receive plenty of questions about the 3D print price list, and even more often we receive the question “What would be the price of a hollow 3D printout measuring 12 x 14 x 5 cm?”. It is very difficult to estimate it at a glance because these prices are calculated on the basis of […]

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